3 Reasons to Have a Regular Asphalt Seal Coat on Your Driveway

While asphalt paving has a long life, this material degrades slowly as it ages. It will lose some of its sleek good looks, and it may start to show signs of cracking. This is a natural process. Exposure to the elements and constant heavy use all take a toll.

If your asphalt driveway has started to show its age, then don’t assume that you need a major repair or replacement. Applying a seal coat to the surface every few years is a viable alternative. What are the benefits of sealing your paving this way?

1. Spruce Up Your Driveway

As time passes, asphalt paving starts to lose some of its original stunning good looks. Even if it retains its structure and stability, it may start to look a little faded from the sun. Stains on the surface may stand out more than they used to.

You may also see tiny cracks appearing on the surface. While these may be cosmetic rather than structural problems, they don’t look good. Your driveway may look tired — it will likely look like you haven’t taken good care of it even though you do your best to keep it looking nice.

If you apply seal coating to the asphalt, then your driveway will look like new again. Here, you clean down the surface and add a new top layer of sealant. This material covers over your old surface, repairs minor damage, and gives you back that glossy black surface you had when the driveway was originally laid.

This is a quick and effective way of sprucing up the outside of your property. While this does a lot to restore your pride, this is also an easy way to makeover the outside of your home if you’re about to put it on the market. A seal coat gives you an instant curb appeal boost.

2. Protect the Asphalt

Every asphalt driveway will start to show natural damage over time. Years spent in the sun will dry out the surface and give it tiny cracks. As time passes, these cracks could get worse if you don’t take care of them.

Rain and melting snow can seep inside any breaches in the surface. Your surface cracks may get worse as the asphalt deals with a wet and dry cycle. More importantly, the asphalt may retain water at deeper levels. This can compromise the driveway’s base materials and its overall structural integrity.

If you add a regular seal coat, then you protect your driveway. The new seal adds a protective layer. It helps deflect harmful solar rays, and it also prevents rain from penetrating into and under the surface.

Plus, a seal coat will also fill in those small cracks and cover them over. This is enough to fix minor damage and to prevent cracks from widening, spreading, or moving up off the surface.

A recoat also restores the asphalt’s original surface capabilities. Years of wear might wear down the friction and grip of your driveway. When you reseal, you add these features back.

3. Save Money

A good asphalt driveway should last for years. However, if you don’t take care of it and allow damage to take hold, then you reduce the lifespan of the surface.

The longer you wait to deal with cosmetic or minor problems, the more work it will take to make things good again. A minor crack could end up needing a larger patch repair. If you have more extensive damage that spreads to the base, then you may need to put down a new driveway.

A regular reseal lowers repair and replacement costs. It will keep your driveway in a good condition, reducing the chances you need more expensive repairs. You won’t need to pay for a new driveway too soon because your current asphalt will last for longer.

For the best sealing results, you should choose the right type of coat for your surface. To get expert advice and a professional application, contact Arrow Black Top & Masonry, Inc.

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